The SmartMatch feature adds flexibility to the training matrix and improves automation for the assignment of training to Learners. Using SmartMatch, you can choose which Curricula for a given Learner Role are assigned intelligently: Instead of all Curricula in the Learner Role being assigned for training, you can set up SmartMatch to assign only a subset of Curricula within the Learner Role. To accomplish this, Vault Training selects the subset based on matching field values between the Person and Curriculum records. This reduces the need to create large numbers of specific Learner Roles.

For example, assume you have two Learners: A manager for data integrity and a senior manager for data integrity, and you have one Learner Role called Data Integrity covering all training relevant for associated roles. The senior manager needs to be trained on more items than the manager, so the manager only needs to be trained on a subset of the Curricula within Data Integrity. In this example we can base it on the senior manager’s Seniority Level field value on their Person record, matched against the Curriculum’s associated Seniority Level field value.

SmartMatch Example

Setup Overview

Vault Admins and Training Admins must complete the following steps to enable SmartMatch in your training matrix:

  1. Vault Admin: Add the following components to the Learner Role object page layout:
    • SmartMatch Configuration field
    • SmartMatch Enabled field
    • SmartMatch Configuration application control
    • Impact Alert: Smartmatch Learner Role application control
  2. Vault Admin: Review your Vault’s Person and Curriculum fields. For any picklist or object reference field your organization wishes to use for SmartMatch, ensure both the Person and Curriculum objects contain fields referencing the same picklist or object. See About SmartMatch Fields for further details.
  3. Vault Admin: Create Curriculum SmartMatch Rules defining which fields to match between Person and Curriculum.
  4. Training Admin: Enable SmartMatch on individual Learner Role records.

About SmartMatch Fields

Vault currently supports SmartMatch picklist and object reference fields within the Person and Curriculum objects only. Each field can maintain its own name and label, however they must reference the same picklist or object.

For picklist fields, SmartMatch also supports training matrix scenarios where a subset of Learners in a given Learner Role must be assigned a curriculum based on one or more Curriculum record picklist values.

For example, VernBio’s Training Admin is building two (2) new curricula within the existing SmartMatch-enabled Data Integrity learner role: One (1) for Managers, and one (1) for Senior Managers and VPs. VernBio’s Person records capture this information in the Seniority Level picklist field.

To support SmartMatch for the new curricula, the Vault Admin reviews VernBio’s Curriculum object fields and adds a new Seniority Level field, referencing the same picklist as the Person object field. Then, they create a new Curriculum SmartMatch Rule with the field details illustrated below.

curriculum smartmatch rule example

Once configured, the Training Admin updates the new Curriculum records with new Seniority Level values: Manager for one, and Senior Manager and VP for the other.

Creating Curriculum SmartMatch Rules

To create a Curriculum SmartMatch Rule:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Curriculum SmartMatch Rules.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Fill in the required fields, including a Name and Label.
  4. In the Matching Type drop-down, select EXACT.
  5. Click Save.
  6. In the Curriculum SmartMatch Fields section, click Create.
  7. Fill in the required fields, including a Name and Label.
  8. In the Person Object field, select the Person object.
  9. In the Person Field box, fill in an object or picklist field name in the following format: Field.[name], for example, Field.facility__c.
  10. In the Curriculum Object field, select the Curriculum object.
  11. In the Curriculum Field box, fill in an object or picklist field name in the following format: Field.[name], for example, Field.facility__c.
  12. Click Save.


You can create one (1) matching field per SmartMatch rule, and you can create up to five (5) total SmartMatch rules. You cannot update a SmartMatch rule if it is used on a Learner Role.

Adding SmartMatch to Learner Roles

A Training Admin can enable SmartMatch by selecting the SmartMatch Enabled checkbox on the applicable Learner Role, and selecting a SmartMatch Configuration. When the Update Training Assignments job runs, Vault checks for the defined matching fields and only assigns Curricula to the Learner to whom the values correspond.

When a Training Admin attempts to update a Learner Role record’s SmartMatch Configuration field, Vault warns of its potential impact.

Overriding SmartMatch

A Training Admin can select the Always Assign? checkbox on a Curriculum to override any SmartMatch behavior.