Configure a Vault Training Quiz for a more thorough assessment of a user’s understanding of the training material. Vault Training Quizzes are based on the Checklist object, with quiz-specific object types. For information on creating checklists, see Designing Checklists and Configuring Checklists. You can also use the Visual Checklist Designer to build your quiz.

Each time a user takes a quiz, the attempt is logged as an object record with its own lifecycle. If the user fails, the quiz record moves into a Failed state and the user must take it again. If they pass, it moves into the Passed state. Retaking a quiz creates a new instance of the quiz, independent of previous attempts.

Creating a Quiz

  1. Navigate to Business Admin > Checklist Designs.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Choose the Quiz Checklist Design object type.
  4. In your checklist design, create Sections:
    1. Add a Section record of type Quiz: Introduction Section, with an order value of 1.
    2. Add a Section record of type Quiz: Question Section for each section.

Creating Quiz Questions

Within a Question Section record, you can create questions for that section. Quiz questions are based on the Question Design object, with object type Quiz: Multiple Choice Question. Quiz questions use either the Radio or Checkbox Question Type. Using these Question Types, answers can be true/false, yes/no, or multiple choice with either single or multiple correct answers.

Creating Quiz Question Answers

Answers are based on the Available Answer Design object. For each question, create one or more Available Answer Design records.

The following restrictions and behaviors apply to question answers:

  • At least one answer record must have Correct Answer set to True.
  • If an answer record has Correct Answer set to True, the system automatically defaults the value of Score to 1. The Score value can be updated.
  • If an answer record has Correct Answer set to False from True, the system automatically sets the value of Score to 0.
  • If the Score value is set to a value greater than or equal to 0, but Correct Answer is not set to True, the system defaults Score to 0.
  • If the Question Checklist Type is Checkbox, then you can set Correct Answer on multiple Available Answer Records to True.
  • If the Question Checklist Type is changed to Radio from Checkbox and there are multiple Available Answer Records with Correct Answer set to True, Vault prevents you from saving the record.
  • If the Question Checklist Type is Radio, only one Correct Answer on the Available Answer Record can be set to True. If the next available answer record has Correct Answer set to True, the system sets Correct Answer to False and sets Score to 0 for other available answer records for that question.

Maximum Quiz Attempts

You can limit the number of times a Learner can attempt a quiz using the Max Attempts Required? option in the Quiz Checklist Design. Once a Learner uses all their attempts, Vault locks the quiz and the Learner cannot attempt it again until a specified time period passes or a Training Admin or manager user unlocks it. You must complete several configuration steps before using this feature.

To limit quiz attempts:

  1. Navigate to the Quiz Checklist Design record.
  2. In the Max Attempts section, select Yes for Max Attempts Required?.
  3. Enter a number of attempts in the Max Attempts field.
  4. Choose a value for Auto Unlock?. Choose Yes to automatically make the quiz available again after a certain period.

If you selected Yes for Auto-Unlock?, enter the number of days to lock the quiz in the Lockout Period (Days) field. Then, choose whether or not to extend the Training Assignment’s due date by choosing Yes or No for Update Due Date?. Specify the number of days to extend the due date in the Extended Due Date Duration field. Quizzes assigned via Direct Assignment do not obey auto-unlock settings.

Unlocking a Training Assignment Quiz

If the quiz is set for auto-unlock, Vault will unlock it automatically once the preset Lockout Period (Days) window has passed. When a Learner clicks a training assignment, she can see how long remains until the quiz is unlocked.

To manually unlock a locked quiz for the Training Assignment after a Learner has exceeded the limit of quiz attempts:

  1. Navigate to the Training Assignment record.
  2. Select Unlock from the Actions menu.
  3. Enter the number of additional attempts and a new due date to unlock the quiz.

Locked & Unlocked Quiz Notifications

When Vault locks a quiz due to a Learner exceeding the configured number of attempts, it sends a notification to the Manager specified in the Learner’s Person record. When the manager or Admin unlocks the quiz, the Learner receives a notification from Vault stating that the quiz is once again available. These notifications are defined in the following notification templates:

  • VT: Notify: TA Quiz Locked
  • VT: Notify: TA Quiz Unlocked

Hiding Quiz Question Answers

By default, when a Learner completes a quiz, Vault displays which answers were correct and which answers were incorrect. You can hide this information on the quiz results page by selecting the Hide Missed Questions checkbox on the Quiz Checklist Design. When selected, this option hides all information about the Learner’s provided answers and displays only the resulting percentage and point score.

To enable this option, an Admin must add this field to the Quiz Checklist Design object page layout.

Configuring Maximum Quiz Attempts

To use the Maximum Quiz Attempts feature of Vault Training quizzes, you must first configure these Vault components:

  • Add a section for Maximum Attempts to the Checklist Design object page layout for the Quiz Checklist Design object type. Add the following fields to this section:
    • Max Attempts Required?
    • Max Attempts
    • Auto Unlock?
    • Lockout Period (Days)
    • Auto Update Due Date?
    • Extended Due Date Duration (Days)
  • Add a section for Maximum Attempts to the Training Assignment object page layout for the Vault Document Training Assignment and External Training Assignment object types. Add the following fields to this section:
    • Total Attempts
    • Max Attempts Required?
    • Max Attempts
    • Attempts Remaining
    • Auto Unlock?
    • Lockout Period (Days)
    • Auto Update Due Date?
    • Extended Due Date Duration (Days)
    • Quiz Locked?
    • Quiz Locked On
    • Quiz Unlock Date/Time
  • Optional: Add Layout Rules to hide non-applicable fields. For example, add a rule to hide the Max Attempts and Auto Unlock? fields if the value of Max Attempts Required? is No.
  • Add an entry action to the TA Checklist Lifecycle in the Failed state to send a notification with the VT: Notify: TA Quiz Locked template to the user’s manager or Training Admin when the value of the Last Attempt? field is Yes.
  • For any user who will be unlocking a quiz (for example, a Training Admin or Manager), ensure their security profile includes a permission set with Read, Create, and Edit permission for the Unlock Quiz User Input object.

Editing Quiz Options for Existing Training Requirements

If enabled by an Admin, the Quiz section of the Training Requirement record displays an informational alert when you click Edit on the record. Vault displays the alert only if the Training Requirement has at least one open Training Assignment, and it displays the maximum number of open Training Assignments that could be impacted by a change. Clicking the number takes you to a record list view filtered to the impacted Training Assignment records.

Once you save an update to the Quiz section, Vault makes the changes to affected Training Assignments the next time the Vault Training automation job runs. This results in the following scenarios:

  • If the quiz was removed, the next time the Learner opens their Training Assignment they will no longer see a quiz.
  • If a quiz was added to an assignment which previously did not have one, the Learner will see the new quiz the next time they open their assignment.

If the assignment has a quiz and the Quiz Design is changed, any Learner who did not pass the previous quiz will see the updated quiz the next time they open their assignment. If they passed the original quiz, they will not receive the updated quiz.

Editing the Quiz Design for an Existing Training Assignment

You can edit the Quiz Design value on an open Training Assignment if the quiz has not yet been passed. When you save such an edit, the fields on the Training Assignment related to any maximum attempts configuration are updated to match the new quiz and any open quizzes are canceled.

Object Types for Vault Training Quizzes

Object Quiz Object Type
Checklist_design__sys Quiz Checklist Design (vdta_checklist_design__sys)
Section_design__sys Quiz: Introduction Section (quiz_introduction_section__v)
Section_design__sys Quiz: Question Section (quiz_question_section__v)
Available_answer_design__sys Quiz: Available Answer (quiz_available_answer__v)
Question_design__sys Quiz: Multiple Choice Question (quiz_multiple_choice_question__v)