For Learners using Vault Training, the Learner homepage is a one-stop page to work with training assignments. On this page, you can view your overall training status and complete your training assignments. Note that the Learner homepage tab may be labeled as My Learning or another label in your training Vault. If enabled by your Admin, you can view the Learner homepage with a mobile-optimized interface on mobile devices.

Open Tab

The Open tab of the Learner homepage displays your open Training Assignments in either a card view or list view. You can switch between these views using the navigation buttons above the assignment panel:

  • Card View card view: In this view, Vault displays training assignments as cards with relevant information, such as the assignment title, due date, approximate time required, and the type of training. Hover over an assignment card to view additional information such as the source of the assignment and a list of the included documents. You can see your assignments grouped by curriculum by clicking the Curriculum View icon Curriculum View Icon.
  • List View list view: The list view displays assignments and associated data in list rows. Click an assignment name in this view to begin the training assignment. Click the column headers to sort the display.

Status Panel

The left panel shows the status of your open training assignments. Click Overdue, Due Soon, or Due Later to display only those items in the assignment area. You can also click the corresponding sections of the circle graph for the same function. Assignments are Due Soon if their due date is less than five (5) days from the current date. If you have tasks in the Vault that are not training assignments, you can click View Other Tasks to navigate to your My Tasks view.

From the drop-down menu, you can refine your view by assignment source. For example, you can select Self Enrolled Training to only view courses that you enrolled in via the Explore tab.


In the card view, you can change your sort method using the controls at the top of the panel. Sorting options include Due Date, Assignment Date, or Estimated Time to Completion. Click the arrow to sort in an ascending or descending pattern.


Click the filter icon filter to add more advanced filters to your view. You can add filters for training assignment metadata such as Assigned Date, Creation Source, Curriculum, Due Date, Learner Role, or Training Assignment Type. Click the plus (+) icon to the right of the filter row to add additional filters. Click Apply to save and view the filtered assignments. Click Clear to remove all filters.

Curriculum View

Clicking the Curriculum View icon Curriculum View Icon changes the Card View to display your assignments grouped by curriculum, rather than individually. This can be useful if you have a large number of assignments and you would like to complete a logically-grouped set of them before moving on to the next. For example, you may want to complete all of the assignments in the Beginning Safety Concepts curriculum before moving on to the Practical Safety Applications curriculum, even if you were assigned both at the same time. By default, curriculums are sorted by their due date.

The curriculum card contains information such as the associated Learner Role, description, total estimated completion time, and a list of the included assignments. While only a few assignments will be shown on the card in this view, there may be more in the curriculum. Training Assignments that you have received via Direct Assignment or via the Explore tab have separate curriculum cards.

Clicking View on a curriculum card takes you into the curriculum page. On this page, you can see information about the curriculum and a sortable list of its individual assignments. A percentage progress bar in the upper right shows you how much training is left to complete within the curriculum. Clicking an assignment title shows its description. You can start an assignment from the list by clicking Begin Training.

By default, the curriculum detail page hides assignments which you have already completed. Click Show completed assignments to display them in the list. For assignments completed more than once, the curriculum page only displays the most recent completed instance of the assignment. Click View Training to review the training task for that assignment.


The lower section of the left panel may include information and links to additional resources, such as Admin contact details, training policies, or FAQs. If you are viewing the Learner homepage in a mobile interface, tap the info icon mobile resources icon to view this section. Note that this section may be labeled differently in your Vault.

Locked Assignments

If an assignment has a lock icon lock, it means the assignment has an unsatisfied prerequisite. Click into the assignment or hover over its card to view the assignments you must complete prior to beginning this locked assignment. If a Training Assignment has multiple prerequisites, Vault will only show one of them on the Learner homepage.

History Tab

The History tab lists data for all previously completed assignments. Here you can easily check when you can expect to be reassigned any recurring training, what Learner Role or Curriculum each training assignment was associated with, and your assigned and completed dates for each assignment.

Explore Tab

The Explore tab allows you to browse and enroll in training requirements that are not part of your training matrix. Here you can search for courses by name using the search bar, or filter similarly to the Open assignments tab. Only Training Requirements that you have access to appear in this tab.

To enroll in a course, hover over its card and click Enroll. When you enroll in a course this way, the assignment appears in the Open tab like your other assignments.

Unenrolling from a Training Assignment

Since assignments from the Explore tab are elective, you can unenroll from them at any time. To unenroll from a course, hover over its card and click Unenroll.

Mobile Learner Homepage

The Learner homepage can be viewed with a mobile-optimized interface when accessed in a mobile browser. Tapping on an assignment card takes you to that assignment’s task page. If an assignment cannot be displayed in the mobile interface, tapping it will take you to the desktop version of its task page.

The mobile interface also includes the following functions:

Icon Function
exit Log out of Vault.
resources If present, tapping this icon displays the Resources section.

The following permissions relate to interacting with curriculum cards and the curriculum page:

  • If a card image is provided for a Curriculum, the Learner user must have a permission set which includes Read access to the document referenced on the Learner Homepage Card Image field on the Curriculum record in order to see it in the curriculum view and page.
  • The Learner user must have a permission set which includes Read access to the Training Assignment object, or else they will receive an error when navigating to the curriculum page.