Vault QMS has built-in tools for processing supplier change notification emails making it easier to get supplier change notifications into the system, triage the record, and allow users to determine if a Change Control or other Quality Event is required.

Configuration Overview

Complete these steps to set up automated Supplier Change Notification intake:

Configuring Inbound Email Addresses for Supplier Change Notification Intake

To configure an Inbound Email Address for use with supplier change notifications:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Inbound Email Addresses.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Label.
  4. Enter an Email Address that Vault QMS will monitor for supplier change notifications. Your organization’s email server should be configured to redirect or forward emails from specific supplier contacts to this address.
  5. In the Email Processor dropdown, select Create Supplier Change Notification.
  6. In the Allowed Senders dropdown, select All Users & Persons in this Vault.
  7. Select an Email Processor User. This User should have the proper permissions to intake emails in this Vault.
  8. Click Submit.

Configuring the Supplier Change Notification Object Page Layout

We recommend the following adjustments to the Supplier Change Notification object page layout to take advantage of automated intake features:

  • Add the special Email Body application control field in a details section. In this section, Vault renders the email for viewing in its original language. In some situations, special characters may not render as they might in an email viewer. Adding the field in a one-column details layout is preferrable, as a two-column layout may cause the email to display with incorrect proportions.
  • Add a Supplier Change Notification Emails related object section.
  • If appropriate for your processes, add Impacted Sites or Impact Assessments related object sections to the layout.

To view Supplier Change Notifications and perform impact assessments on them, a user requires a security profile which grants them the following permissions:

  • Read, Create, and Edit permissions on the Supplier Change Notification object.
  • Read, Create, and Edit permissions on the SCN - Impacted Site object
  • Read, Create, and Edit permissions on the SCN Impact Assessment object
  • Read permission on the Email, Person, and Organization objects.