Certain QMS features, such as External Response Collaboration, use the QMS User Template component for automated creation of Users from Persons. These templates attempt to create a User record as per their configurations, filling in requisite information from the values present on the Person record.

Organization Object Configuration

To ensure that there is appropriate data to construct a username for the created user, add a field to the Organization object to contain an appropriate username suffix. For example, Email Suffix (email_suffix__c). While this step is optional, it is strongly recommended as doing so will allow you to more easily track and trace External User accounts to the organizations they were created for in the future, and will help avoid conflicts in automatically generated usernames for collaborators.

Creating a QMS User Template

To create a QMS User Template:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > QMS User Templates.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Label and Name for the template.
  4. Define a Username Pattern.
  5. Select an appropriate Security Profile for the user from the drop-down. Ensure that the selected profile does not grant any unnecessary permissions.
  6. Click Save.

Username Pattern

The Username Pattern field on a QMS User Template defines the resulting username through the use of dynamic tokens. These tokens can take the information from a given Person record or the Person’s related Organization record. This field only supports tokens for Text, Number, Formula, and Lookup field values.

This field supports a special token, ${PersonEmailPrefix}, which resolves to the portion of an email address before the “@” symbol. For example, if the email address listed on the Person record is Theresa.Ibanez@veesupplier.com, the token resolves to Theresa.Ibanez.

Example Username Pattern

Below is an example Username Pattern in a Vault with the recommended Organization object configuration:


For a Person with the email address Theresa.Ibanez@veesupplier.com, an Email Suffix value of VeeSupp, and whose user account is being activated on the veepharm.com domain, this Username Pattern will resolve to Theresa.Ibanez-VeeSupp@veepharm.com. Note that you should ensure that any tokens referenced in the username pattern will not resolve to extremely long values, as generated usernames are still subject to the length and content requirements of a Vault user’s username.