The Quality Incident object and lifecycle allows your organization to triage an incident to determine if it is necessary to initiate a quality event. This avoids skewing quality event metrics, and unnecessarily complicating audits. Information from a quality incident can be automatically copied to a quality event, including attachments on the incident that represent pictures and video documenting the incident.

Configuring Quality Incidents

To allow users to utilize Quality Incidents effectively, we recommend the following configuration steps:

  • Create a Related Record Configuration for the Quality Incident object. In the configuration options, ensure that you select the Copy Attachments checkbox.
  • Configure the Create Related Record entry action on the Quality Incident Lifecycle, selecting the Related Record Configuration that you created in the previous step.
  • Configure a custom Quality Incident object tab for users to quickly access and manage Quality Incidents.
  • Configure Quality Teams for the Quality Incident object.

To create and manage Quality Incidents, users require Read, Create, and Edit permissions for the Quality Incident object.