The Process Navigator provides an intuitive interface to assist you in finding information and documents that support a process.

To open the Process Navigator, click into its tab. In some vaults, the Process Navigator may be your default tab after you login to Vault. By default, this tab is labeled Hierarchies, but it may have a different label in your vault, depending on how it’s been configured by an Admin.

Hierarchy Selector

If your Vault contains more than one type of visual hierarchy, a drop-down menu will appear at the top left of the navigator. Select the hierarchy you wish to view from the drop-down.

Main Section

This section can contain both processes and categories of processes. Click into categories in this section to view additional information, lower-level processes, and documents in process detail pages.

This expandable section on the left side of the Process Navigator page allows quick access to Favorites, as well as a process navigation tree, allowing you to navigate through the process hierarchy without leaving the current main section page. Clicking on a process record within the tree will take you directly to that process record in the main section.

Process Details Pages

Clicking into a process from the main section of the Process Navigator takes you to its process details page. This page contains a process description, diagrams, charts, or any other information that your organization provides on the left side. Click View more fields, if available, to view additional information in a pop-up window. Click on any images to view them at full size in a pop-out viewer.

The right side of the page lists associated processes. These are sub-categories or sub-processes under the current process. Clicking a process from the list takes you to its process details page.

The bottom of the page contains a list of supporting documents for the current process, if any. You can search, sort, or filter the document list to make it easier to find the document you’re looking for.

You can navigate back up through the hierarchy of processes using the breadcrumb trail at the top of the process details page.

Document List Searching, Sorting, & Filtering

Use the following tools to more easily find the process documents you’re seeking in the document list section:

  • Search: The search box returns a list of documents containing the words you search for. Note that this function only searches within the Name of the documents.
  • Show Associated Process Documents: Select this checkbox to expand the document list to include documents associated with either the current process or its immediate parent or child processes. This selection does not persist after navigating away from the page.
  • Sorting: You can sort documents alphabetically by their Name, either forwards or backwards.
  • Filter: Click the filter icons at the top of each document field column to filter on the available values.
  • Edit Columns: Click the Actions menu in the document list section and select Edit Columns, then add or remove document field columns as you see fit. Note that column configuration changes persist in all document lists in the Process Navigator.

Viewing Documents

When you click on a document in the document list section, it opens in a pop-out viewer window. Note that the Process Navigator displays the latest version or, in some cases, the latest steady state version of a document that your Vault permissions allow you to view.


Clicking the Star icon on any process or document adds it to your Favorites view, accessible in the left-side navigation drawer. Clicking on a process in the Favorites view takes you directly to its process details page.

You can add or remove columns by clicking Edit Columns in the section Actions menu. Your column settings persist if you navigate away from the page and come back.

The Business Processes section of the Favorites view only lists processes associated with the currently selected visual hierarchy. The Documents section lists documents added as favorites from anywhere in Vault.

In order to view the Process Navigator page, users require a permission set that includes Read permission to both the Hierarchy Document objects and to Visual Hierarchy objects or object types, View access to the Hierarchies tab, and View access to both the Visual Navigation Detail Page and Visual Navigation Landing Page.