Auditor qualification status can be determined by viewing the auditor’s Auditor Profile record. Each Auditor in the system has a single Auditor Profile. An auditor may be in the process of qualification for multiple Auditor Roles at any given time. On the Auditor’s Auditor Profile page, the Auditor Qualification Status section holds details of the various roles (and the qualification progress towards each) that this Auditor is eligible for.

How to Qualify for an Auditor Role

Auditor role qualification is managed by authorized users (generally Auditor Managers) indicating satisfaction of individual Auditor Role Qualifications from the Auditor’s Auditor Profile > Role Qualification Status page section.

For each qualification across the Auditor’s various Auditor Roles, Vault generally sends a task via a workflow to the authorized party, prompting them to indicate that the Auditor in question has satisfied that criteria. Your configuration may vary, so the workflows associated to your role qualifications may be automatically started, or may require starting manually. Consult your system owner for details.

About Requalification

Requalification dates may optionally be set as part of the qualification process, at the discretion of the authorized user granting approval for the qualification, or automatically by the system based on your configuration.

Qualifications that enter a Requalification state may or may not automatically revoke system access, based on the configuration determined by your organization.

If access is removed, the removal only applies to new audit assignments, it does not impact any in-progress or already assigned Audits. The user whose qualification has been revoked by this action will not be selectable until requalified. This includes prohibiting the creation of new audits via Audit Programs if the Audit would be created during a requalification period.