Vault QMS includes a feature set to streamline temporary, short-term access to your Vault for suppliers, partners, contractors, or other external parties to respond to your organization’s audit findings on behalf of their company. You can give your organization’s auditor users the ability to request responses from recognized external contacts, collaborate with those individuals in Vault, and close out findings with minimal or no need to manage user account provisioning for those external parties.

When authorized internal Vault users request collaboration from external contacts, Vault automates the provisioning of External User accounts for those contacts and invites them to collaborate with specialized email messages. Vault can also close out their user accounts when the collaboration is complete.

Defining External Collaborators

On applicable records, you can identify an assignee/collaborator from an external organization by selecting their Person record in the External Collaborator field. This field may be constrained to only Persons within the Organization involved in the process. For example, following the Audit Finding response process flow, the organization in the Supplier field on the External Finding (Quality Event) record.

Contact Lists

If configured by an Admin, you can define Persons related to an Organization record, creating a contact list for external audit responders. This is defined by populating the Organization field present on Person records in your Vault.

User Account Provisioning Automation

When your organization identifies Persons to assign external findings or requests to, Vault can invite or uninvite these persons from your Vault automatically at specific lifecycle states within the applicable lifecycle. Upon beginning collaboration, Vault can automatically detect if the Person identified in the External Collaborator field has a user account in your Vault.

If Vault detects that the Person does not have a user account, the system creates an External User licensed user. If Vault detects that the Person already has a user account, it activates their existing user regardless of security or licensing, and grants access for their user account to the assigned finding or record by adding membership to the External Collaborators application role, as needed.

When the third party contact has finished collaboration in your Vault, Vault can automatically deactivate that user account, limiting the total count of active External User licenses at any given time. Vault will leave a collaborating external user active until all work requested of them across all processes with external collaboration configured is completed.

User accounts provisioned by Vault’s QMS user automation have the Managed By QMS Automation field on their User record set to True. If this field is set to False, a user will never be activated or deactivated by QMS automation.

Replacing External Collaborators

If an external collaborator becomes deactivated after, for example, they are removed from the record’s External Collaborator field, you can replace them with another Person that fits the constraints of the External Collaborator field. In the event that you must replace an external collaborator, you can follow your organization’s process to ensure your Vault triggers the QMS user account automation, or use the QMS: Activate Ext. Collaborator user action, if configured by an Admin, on the applicable collaborating record in the appropriate lifecycle state.