The External Response Collaboration feature set for the Vault Quality application family streamlines temporary, short-term access to your Vault for suppliers, partners, contractors, or other external parties, and allows them to respond to your requests on behalf of their company. This feature set supports requests regarding the following activities:

Vault QualityDocs:

  • Document review
  • Document approval

Vault QMS:

  • Audit findings
  • Corrective/preventive actions (CAPAs)
  • Supplier corrective action requests (SCARs)
  • Supplier change notifications (SCNs)
  • Effectiveness checks
  • Investigations

You can give users the ability to request task responses or data and content review from recognized external contacts, stored in Vault as Person records. Users can then collaborate with those individuals in Vault, and close out activities with minimal or no need to manage user account provisioning. Vault invites these users to collaborate with specialized email messages, and can terminate access for their user accounts when the collaboration is complete. During collaboration, Vault can limit these external participant’s access narrowly to the data or content that’s being collaborated upon, keeping your Vault secure even if you collaborate with multiple partners. This feature set is not intended to replace long-term or regular day-to-day interaction with external parties within your Vault. To understand whether your use case is best served with External Collaboration or External Users, discuss with your Veeva team.

Configuring External Collaboration

The configuration steps necessary to enable External Collaboration differ depending on the activity, application, and enabled processes. In general, you will need to:

Using External Collaboration

The ways in which users interact with external collaborators is configurable, and may differ depending on the activity. The experience for your external collaborators (emails, login, username) will be similar regardless of which processes they are participating in: