Once all Test Scripts in a protocol are fully executed and independently reviewed, the parent Test Protocol is subject to final approval. Vault provides a special Test Protocol Review Interface to facilitate this process. This process is performed by Approvers or Quality Unit Approvers.

About the Test Protocol Review Interface

When you perform the Review Executed Protocol action on a Test Protocol record in the In Independent Review, In Approval, or In QA Approval state, Vault takes you to the Test Protocol Review Interface.

Test Header

This section includes the Name and Title of the Test Protocol being executed. This section also includes a link to view the associated protocol document containing narrative content, (for example, responsibilities, purpose of the protocol, reference tables, or others) in a mini-browser window.

Script Navigation Panel

Clicking on a script or step section in this panel navigates your view directly to it. You can collapse and expand sections to efficiently navigate through large numbers of scripts and their corresponding setup steps and execution steps.

Protocol Content Panel

The main section in the right portion of the interface contains the steps of fully executed Test Scripts. Click on the filter gauges at the top of the content panel to limit the steps displayed to only those with discrepancies, failed steps, or revisions. This allows you to perform a review-by-exception, clicking through each filter to review and decide whether you will approve or reject the test protocol.

As Test Protocols can contain many test scripts and associated steps, the list in the protocol content panel is paginated. Click the arrow icons in the top right to navigate between pages. Each page displays up to 25 individual steps, and a section break separate steps from different Test Scripts.

Click the bookmark icon on the right of a step card to save your place in the review, even if you navigate away from the Test Protocol Review interface and back. Once you’ve added a bookmark, a bookmark icon appears in the top right of the interface. Clicking the go-to-bookmark icon navigates you to the bookmarked step. You can have only one (1) bookmark at a time.

The top right of the interface includes a Review button to complete your assigned review task and provide your verdict and eSignature.

To use the Test Protocol Review Interface, users require a security profile and a permission set which grants these minimum object and field-level permissions:

  • Validation Entity: Read
  • Validation Requirement Entity Version: Read
  • Validation Activity: Read
  • Validation Deliverable (Testing Deliverable object type): Read
  • Validation Requirement (all object types including base): Read
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix: Read
  • Test Protocol: Read
  • Test Script: Read
  • Test Step (Setup Step and Execution Step object types): Read
  • Test Step Change: Read
  • Test Step Additional Prompt (all standard object types): Read
  • Unit of Measure: Read
  • Discrepancy: Read
  • Related Discrepancy: Read