This article explains the Admin setup required to enable your Vault to automatically process incoming complaint emails and create object records containing all complainant-provided information and attachments. Once set up, Vault QMS can automatically create a Complaint record when an email is received.

Configuration Overview

To set up automated complaint record creation from email, configure the following Vault components:

  • Create an Inbound Email Address for each type of complaint.
  • For each Inbound Email Address, add an Inbound Email Address Configuration.
  • Add the special Email Body field to the Complaint Email object type page layout. You should only add this field to a detail section with one column.

Creating Inbound Email Addresses for Complaint Email Ingestion

You must set up an email inbox for each type of complaint that you may receive. For each inbox, fill in the Email Address which will be provided to potential complainants for this type of complaint, and select the Create Complaint email processor. Select a user with adequate permissions as the Email Processor User.

Creating Inbound Email Address Configurations for Complaint Email Ingestion

For each Inbound Email Address you have set up, create an Inbound Email Address Configuration. To create an Inbound Email Address Configuration for complaint email ingestion:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Inbound Email Address Configurations.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Fill in a Label.
  4. Select a Status. If the configuration is Inactive, Vault will not create complaints from emails sent to this address.
  5. Select an Inbound Email Address. The drop-down only contains Inbound Email Addresses that have been set up and are not selected in any other Inbound Email Address Configurations. When you select an Inbound Email Address, Vault adds its indicated Email Processor value automatically.
  6. Select the appropriate Object: Either the standalone Complaint object, if your Vault uses the standalone Complaint data model option, or the Quality Event object.
  7. Select an Object Type. When an email is received, the email processor creates a record of the selected object type.
  8. Optional: Select parsing options:
    1. Disable Email Body and Text Parsing: Selecting this checkbox prevents the email processor from attempting to parse and copy content from the incoming email’s body text to the Email Body and Email Text fields on the resulting Complaint record.
    2. Disable Email and Attachments Parsing: Selecting this checkbox prevents Vault from adding the original email and attachments to the resulting Complaint record.
  9. Click Save.

The Email Processor User that is utilized to perform the actions when the Create Complaint Email Processor executes must have Read permissions on the following objects: Email, Person, Complaint, and Quality Event