Vault provides the ability to manage details about departments through the Department object. You can view or manage departments from Business Admin > Departments.

One of the benefits to using the Department object over a picklist field is that users can find documents related to a department using any of the department’s fields. For example, if the department Quality Assurance has the code QA, users can search on “Quality Assurance” or “QA” to find documents.

How to Add and Edit Departments

To add or edit a department:

  1. From the Departments page, click Create or click on an existing department and then click Edit.
  2. Enter the Department Name and Department Number/Code.
  3. Optional: Fill in the department fields (Department Number/Code, etc.). Note that these can vary by Vault, depending on whether an Admin has customized the standard object.
  4. Set the Status to Active or Disabled. Users can only see and select active departments when setting the document fields.
  5. Click Save.

How to Disable and Delete Departments

Vault prevents deletion of departments that users have selected on at least one document or that Admins have used within a lifecycle rule or workflow. If you cannot delete a department, prevent users from selecting it in the future by changing its status to Disabled.

To delete a department:

  1. From the Departments page, hover over the department.
  2. Click the red X icon that appears.
  3. Click Continue in the confirmation dialog to permanently delete the department.