The Create Record from Template action provides the ability to add multiple Change Actions to new or existing Change Controls or Change Plans from approved Change Action Templates. This can reduce manual work when users need to create multiple Change Actions on a regular basis.

Each approved Change Action Template consists of one or more template Change Actions. When Vault creates Change Actions from a template, the field values in the template’s Change Actions are copied to the corresponding fields in the Change Actions. Users that build Change Action Templates can decide whether the copied field values are editable or read-only in the Change Actions.

The Create Record from Template action is available as a user action, entry action, or event action on the Quality Events of the Change Control object type, or Change Control or Change Plan objects. In this article, these supported objects are collectively referred to as Change Controls.

Preparing Record Templates

To use the Create Record from Template action, you must create a set of Change Action Template object records appropriate to your processes. Data in fields with exact matching names will be transferred from the Change Control or Change Plan to the Change Action. During action configuration, you will choose which fields that Vault will use to determine the set of templates to generate Change Actions from.

Modifying Data Copied from Source Record

Template objects include the special Allow User to Modify? field. If this field is set to No, then users cannot later modify record fields populated via matched fields during record creation.

Preparing the Target Object

Before incorporating the Create Record from Template action into your object lifecycles, you must ensure that your Quality Event, Change Control, or Change Plan object is ready.

Enabling the Create Record from Template User Action

The Create Record from Template is available as a user action, entry action, or event action. In order to configure the action as a user action, you must assign it to the appropriate object. When adding it, ensure that you do not select the Available in All Lifecycle States checkbox.

Preparing the Change Action Object Lifecycle

When a user performs the action, or it is triggered as an entry action or event action, Vault can only create Change Action records from Change Action Templates which are in the lifecycle state associated with the Approved Template lifecycle state type. Ensure that your Change Action Template Lifecycle defines a state for this state type, and that your processes bring Change Action Template records to that state before the action is expected to be executed.

Configuring the Create Record from Template Action

To configure Change Action record creation from templates:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Object Lifecycles and click into the_ Change Control Lifecycle_ or Change Plan Lifecycle.
  2. In the States section, click into the lifecycle state in which you want to automatically create, or allow users to create, Change Action records.
  3. In the Entry Actions or User Actions section, click Edit.
  4. Add the Create Record from Template entry action or user action to the lifecycle state.
  5. Optional: To prevent unnecessary Change Action record creation, it is recommended that you use the Perform with conditions option in this entry action, defining a condition using equals, and Yes/No per your process. For example, Quality Event > Lifecycle State > equals > In Change Plan Definition.
  6. Select an object in the Associate Record to the Following Object: drop-down. Generated records will be added to the indicated parent object.
  7. Optional: Select an Object Type: for the resulting records. If you do not select an object type, the resulting records will be of the base object type.
  8. Select an object as your Template Object:.
  9. Optional: Select one or more fields in the Match on the Following Fields: drop-down. When the action executes, Vault evaluates all records of the template object and filters down via the chosen fields to find matching field data.

When the action executes as an entry action or event action, Vault creates records for all available matching template records. When the action executes as a user action, the user can first select from the available matching template records in a dialog.


The Create Record from Template action can create up to 300 records.