Vault QualityDocs includes a feature set to streamline temporary, short-term access to your Vault for external parties to review and approve documents on behalf of their company. You can give your organization’s users the ability to send review and approval tasks to recognized external contacts who can then complete those tasks in Vault with minimal or no need to manage user account provisioning for those external parties.

When an authorized internal Vault user sends a review or approval workflow task to an external contact, Vault utilizes an external license and automates the provisioning of the External User account. A specialized email message invites the external contact to login to Vault to complete the assigned task.Vault then automatically inactivates the user account when the task has been completed and when the document reaches its Steady State.

Defining External Collaborators

On applicable Vault documents, you can identify an assignee/collaborator from an external organization by selecting their Person record in the External Collaborator field. This field may be constrained to only Persons within the Organization involved in the process. Only a single Person record can be selected as an external collaborator for each document review and each document approval workflow.

Contact Lists

If configured by an Admin, you can define Persons related to an Organization record by creating a list of recognized external contacts at that organization who may be sent document review and/or approval tasks. This is defined by adding Person records to the relevant section of the Organization record.

User Account Provisioning Automation

When sending document review and approval tasks to an External person, Vault can invite the person from your Vault automatically at specific lifecycle states within the applicable lifecycle. Upon a task being sent to an External Collaborator, Vault can automatically detect if the Person identified in the External Collaborator field has a user account in your Vault.

If Vault detects that the Person does not have a user account, the system creates an External User licensed user. If Vault detects that the Person already has a user account, it activates their existing user. Next, Vault grants access for their user account to the assigned document by adding membership to the External Collaborators application role, as needed.

When the External Collaborator has completed all assigned tasks and when the document(s) have reached their Steady State, Vault automatically deactivates that user account.